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Manifestation and the Law of Attraction: Achieving Your Highest Good Sooner Than You Thought
What if it was possible to have anything you want? Well, it IS possible because THOUGHTS ARE THINGS and they create reality. And far more rapidly than you ever imagined! Find out what this means and its implications for shaping your life the way YOU want it TODAY!
Souls Mates and Twin Flames: Who They Are, the Difference Between Them, and How to Attract Yours
Do you really want to find your soulmate? Are you sure that is who you want? Could be ..... but there is more to know! Are you in an unhappy relationship and do not understand why? Are you sure it is not really your Twin Flame that you are wishing for, insread of the misapplied term "soulmate"? Do not despair, learn what it is you really want, and .... if your energetic Twin and soul complement is not incarnated in this lifetime, or is otherwise unavailable to you in a physical sense (for instance, far away or in another relationship) – that this is O.K. and may even be BENEFICIAL at the moment!
Learn how to call your Twin Flame to you, and learn that you can be just as happy for a lifetime with your soulmates, if that is the path you choose . (Yes, we have MORE than one (this has nothing to do with infidelity) – and having multiple soulmates (not always a romantic partner) is beneficialto your path to wholeness -- AND to calling to you your Twin Flame!)
Find out why things are as they are and how to change them in the Highest Good for your greatest happiness and all involved.
Soul Contracts: Why Is THAT Person or Situation in Your Life, How to Change What No Longer Serves You and Achieve Your Highest Good
Did you know before each incarnation (no we do not just get one 80-year shot at this) we make agreements with other souls to help us on our journey with what WE decided WE wanted to learn each time around in Classroom Earth? We do – and to understand this fundamental fact can change your perspective -- and change your life!
AND, find out how to RELEASE soul contracts that no longer serve you!
The Violet Flame and How It RAPIDLY Transmutes Karma: Your Best Life Now
Did you know that there is an energetic Light that is available to all of us which can be invoked and which rapidly burns through karma so we get the lesson we agreed to learn and do not have to keep repeating the same scenario over and over again like that famous movie celebrating February 2? It’s true! Find out how to transmute karma with the Violet Flame and stop being “stuck” in a repetitive rut.
Tools for the Life You Always Wanted: “I Am”ing, Wording, Violet Flaming, Attitude of Gratitude, Ancient Hawaiian Secrets and More
You will be amazed at how easy it is to change your entire life with a few simple intentions and words, as each carries a powerful vibration which sets the stage for everything – yes, EVERYTHING that comes into your life. How to make changes you never thought possible with a few secrets little known to humanity, but well known to sages, masters, lamas, and those who have brought forth millennia of knowledge for us to understand how easy it is to change ourselves and change the world – WITH ONLY THOUGHTS. Yes, of course, you take action as you see fit. (Thoughts do not wash your dishes), but thoughts and vibrations are the basis of EVERYTHING!
Learn how easy it is to use specific and easy words and phrases which carry a certain vibration and have been gifted to us to uplift ourselves, humanity and the planet. It really is as simple as that!
Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters: Who They Are and What They Do
Were you told as a child that everyone has a Guardian Angel? Well, this is so – regardless of your faith (or even lack thereof); and you also have a Spirit Guide, an Animal Totem, angels which specialize in certain problems and a whole host of Ascended Masters and others to call upon for immediate and long-term assistance (in anything from finding your car keys to avoiding mortal danger). No particular religion or faith necessary. They respond just the same.
Meet the those whose sole mission it is to help humanity. It is their ASSIGNMENT and they can only achieve it by having people to help -- the way God (or whomever you call Creator energy) intended. Every great leader has a Staff and Delegates (regardless of how powerful) – why would the concept as applied here be any different?
Crystal Healing for Beginners: Why Crystal Healing Works in Albert Einstein’s Universe
Think rocks for healing all sorts of things – from emotional, to physical to spiritual -- is a bunch of hooey? Albert Einstein said it best, “Everything is life is vibration.”. Find out how stones can balance, clear, heal and even be programmed to manifest what you want in life.
Crystal Healing is the simplest and most readily available form of healing and requires no learning curve to begin on a Healing Path. Come find out which stones do what, and how I (as I am often asked) found MY Heading Path and changed my life by a clearance sale book and an off-handed, well-intended comment by a friend about the purported healing power of stones. It opened the door to an understanding of the Universe that grows each day, and has helped raise my vibration to a level where not only am I almost always joyful and happy despite outer circumstances, but being balanced and centered in a way that has allowed me to be of service to Self and others. Yes, rocks started it all!.
Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III and Reiki Mastership Classes and attunements coming soon!
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