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Massage is one of the oldest healing arts. Chinese records dating back 3,000 years document its use; the ancient Hindus, Persians and Egyptians applied forms of massage for many ailments, and Hippocrates wrote papers recommending the use of rubbing and friction for joint and circulatory problems. Today, the benefits of massage are varied and far-reaching. As a widely-accepted form of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Massage Therapy has also proven beneficial for many acute injuries and for a multitude of chronic conditions, including low back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, immunity suppression, infertility, smoking cessation, depression, and more. And, as many millions will attest to, massage also helps relieve the stress and tension of everyday living that can can weaken the body, mind and spirit, and can lead to illness, dis-ease and disease.
There are many variations of massage, bodywork, and somatic therapies and many practitioners utilize more than one technique in a single session. The application of these techniques may include, but is not limited to, stroking, kneading, tapping, compression, vibration, rocking, friction, and pressure to the musculature or soft tissues of the body. This may also include non-forceful passive or active movement and/or stretching techniques. The use of oils, lotions, and powders may also be included to reduce friction on the skin. (Some oils and lotions contain ingredients derived from nuts, so please be sure to tell your Therapist about any allergies of any kind.)
Please see EarthTouch Healing Arts' FAQs / Blog link for more about different Massage Therapy modalities which may be most appropriate for your healing needs. 
EarthTouch currently offers the following types of massage and will offer additional modalities once such expertise is gained: 
  • Swedish massage
  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Sports Massage
  • Oncology (cancer) massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Thai Massage
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
PLEASE NOTE: EarthTouch Healing Arts' massage, bodywork and somatic therapies specifically exclude diagnosis, prescription, manipulation or adjustments of the human skeletal structure, or any other service, procedure or therapy which requires a license to practice orthopedics, physical therapy, podiatry, chiropractic, osteopathy, psychotherapy, acupuncture, or any other profession or branch of medicine not falling of under the scope of practice of Maryland-licensed Massage Therapy.
Reiki (pronounced “RAY-kee”) is a Japanese word for “universal life energy”. The word is comprised of the Japanese characters Rei, which means “spirit, air, essence of creation and essence of life” and Ki, which means “power or energy that brings it into form”. Reiki is a form of healing thousands of years old, believed to have originated in Tibet, but rediscovered in the 1800s by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese college professor, seeking the methods by which historical figures such as Jesus and Buddha healed individuals’ minds, bodies, emotions and spirit.
Reiki has roots in Chinese medicine and is not related to any form of "faith healing". Reiki is not a religion or belief system, nor affiliated with any denomination, being more related to physics than any other field. No belief in its efficacy is required for Reiki to heal. It is used as a complement or alternative to Western medicine and is often referred to as “energy healing”, “vibrational medicine” or “biofield therapy”. Reiki fits more with Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity rather than with the traditional Newtonian mechanistic medical view of the human body. Einstein posits a fourth dimension of space, time and gravity where people are considered complex bundles of atomic energy oscillating at different rates. It is with energy medicines such as Reiki, that these bundles of energy (and blocks thereto) may be manipulated and freed in order to treat, repair and replenish the physiology, psychology, emotionality and spirituality of all living things.
Reiki promotes overall wellness as it is flows from the practitioner’s hands to the client’s energy system – a transfer which has been captured with Kirlian photography, aura imaging, gas discharge visualization and via sensitive magnetometers called superconducting quantum interference devices (“SQUID”). One scientific study revealed that frequency-pulsing biomagnetic fields originating from the hands of energy healing practitioners were 1,000 times greater than the strongest human biomagnetic field. Energy from Reiki healers’ hands has been measured in the range of 2-20 Hz, with an average of 8-10 Hz. Profound healing of tissue and psychological impacts have been measured when energy of only 8-10 Hz is applied.
*Aleasha practices Usui, Kundalini and Karuna Reiki
What Is Medical Qigong?

The word "Qi Gong" (pronounced "chee-gung"), translated from Chinese, means "Energy Work".
Qi Gong is a highly refined system of movements and minfdulness which develops our ability to acquire, store, circulate, and purify our Qi (Vital Energy). Through the practice of Qi Gong, we learn how to use our mind as a tool to direct the flow of electrical signals and energetic currents that comprise the integrated matrix of our body, mind, and Spirit.  This can lead to a greater sense of mastery over our mental, physical, and emotional health, as well as greater resistance to everyday stresses and disease.

Medical QiGong is the application of Qi Gong for medical purposes.  The practitioner assists the patient by redirecting, cleansing, and restoring the patients vital energy based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. 
During a Medical QiGong treatment, the client generally lies on the treatment table while the practitioner uses various hand movements and mental images to perform the energetic healing procedure.  During a Medical ChiGong treatment, the client most often experiences a sense of deep relaxation and well-being, and sometimes may feel various sensations occurring in the body, both on a physical and/or emotional level. 
The experience of a Medical Qigong treatment will be, of course, different for each client, though since each individual has an energy field - all clients can benefit from receiving Medical Qigong insofar as living in the day to day world, vital energy is often depleted by stress, worry, disruption and other matters unique to humanity.
"Everything in life is vibration." -- Albert Einstein
Crystal Healing is form of Vibrational Medicine wherein stones are placed on or around the individual to promote healing of issues affecting body, mind and spirit. Since the earliest of times, nature's bounty of gemstones has been used to heal, restore and balance any living thing's energy field. Crystals help to release and clear negative energy, and assist in healing various conditions according to the properties of each stone.

The earliest records of stones being used for healing date back over 5,000 years, and crystal healing has been traced to ancient Egypt, India’s Ayurvedic records and Traditional Chinese Medicine, all of which document healing with the use of stones.

Crystals are nature’s gift to humanity. They are found in all shapes, sizes, colors and compositions, each with with its own unique vibrational resonance. Stones owe their healing qualities to their mineral content, inherent geometry and the color frequency they emit.

The human, animal and even plant body has a complex electromagnetic system, also known as the biofield, and nature has created crystals to be perfect electromagnetic conductors, capable of interacting with our energy systems. Stones have been found by scientific instruments to carry vibrations that activate certain energy centers within an electromagnetic system, and thus having a real and measured effect on our whole system, consisting of body, mind and spirit.
Zero Point Energy, or “source energy” is essentially the subatomic particle field between electrons, protons, and neutrons - the place from which all things are “sourced”, and is used for healing. What scientists used to think was a giant vacuum is now being held to be instead a giant reservoir of energy which when directed via a Zero Point Energy tool at an object such as a plant, water, or our body, that object immediately beings to resonate with the energy -- being “reminded” that it is from it, with the object immediately moving in the direction of its source state – or its natural condition prior to pain, distortion, disease and dis-ease.
Zero Point Energy acts as a catalyst to remind the object of its own natural state and its miraculous ability to heal, and this occurs due to the resonance of the object with the vibration contained within the source (or Zero Point Energy) field.
EarthTouch Healing Arts is equipped with the latest in Zero Point Energy tools to meet your healing needs.
Aromatherapy is a type of Complementary and Alternative Medicine which uses Essential Oils and other aromatic plant compounds which are aimed at improving a person's health and mood. Scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of Aromatherapy is growing and studies (beyond mere case studies of client satisfaction) indicate that Aromatherapy contributes to one’s feeling of wellness and well-being, with certain formulations containing analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which have healing abilities in their own right. True Essential Oils also carry the vibrational lifeforce and healing powers of their constituent plant and flower components, and are helpful for many conditions from infection resistance to reduction of inflammation, to prosperity.
Aromatherapy products may include massaging oils, or any topical application that uses pure Essential Oils which are either absorbed through the skin “neat”, or blended with a carrier oil, and/or inhaled via an atomized mist. Essential Oils operate in several ways: they target sense of smell, producing relaxation and a sense of well-being by activating the limbic system and emotional centers of the brain; and when applied topically, they activate thermal receptors and are even capable of destroying microbes and fungi.
Science indicates that the inhalation of Essential Oils stimulates the part of the brain connected to smell - the olfactory system, wherein a signal is sent to the limbic system of the brain that controls emotions and retrieves learned memories. This reaction causes biochemicals to be released which allow the client to feel relaxed, calm, or even stimulated (depnding upon the intent). If Aromatherapy is also included as part of a massage session, the effects are to further relax (or stimulate) the client.
True Essential Oils also have a direct pharmacological effect. Preliminary clinical studies have shown a synergy between the body and aromatic oils and have revealed positive health and wellness results from topical or inhalation application of Aromatherapy. (Internal application of certain Essential Oils may also stimulate the immune, digestive and other body systems, though EarthTouch Healing Arts engages in only topical and atomized therapy.)
EarthTouch uses only the finest and highest quality pure Essential Oils gathered from around the world and with the highest stands of quality control for your healing needs.
Flower Essence Therapy is form of Vibrational Medicine that employs the use of flower essences in a purposeful way to allow the client to experience emotional harmony and spiritual well-being. Flower essences (which have no detectable aroma) can be used on their own or in conjunction with other healing modalities to support or change one's emotional attitudes and ways of perceiving situations, ourselves and others. They provide a language that helps us to understand our inner world and the ways in which we respond to life and life's circumstances.
Medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and dentists now sometimes use flower essences in their practices. Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and body workers of all types have added flower essences to their sessions, as have spiritual counselors, ministers, shamans and those who do other forms of hands-on healing and they have found flower essences to be an important aid in their healing work. Many homeopathic and naturopathic doctors use them as well.
While many healing modalities focus on the physical aspects of healing, flower essence therapy addresses the emotional and spiritual aspects of the Self. Healing is a multi-dimensional process that encompasses the whole person, which includes the physical body, the emotions, mental outlook, attitudes and spiritual understanding.
A growing number of health care practitioners now recognize that patients with the healthiest outlook on life and who feel emotionally balanced and supported tend to recover faster and have fewer reoccurrences of maladaption and illness By incorporating flower essences with other healing therapies, a practitioner can support the client's entire Self -- the inseparable body, mind and spirit.
EarthTouch Healing Arts uses only the highest quality flower essences to assist clients in meeting their personal healing needs from whichever aspect of the Self they emanate.
Paraffin therapy is a form of moist heat therapy, or thermotherapy, that is often an effective method of applying deep heat to relieve pain and stiffness in joints.  Warm paraffin has been determined in research to have the therapeutic effects of decreasing pain and increasing soft-tissue extensibility, particularly where Rheumatoid Arthritis is concerned.  It also has the added benefit of moisturizing the skin, and the paraffin used by EarthTouch has a pleasant peach scent that clients have found very soothing and enjoyable.
EarthTouch Healing Arts uses a professional grade Therabath Paraffin Bath to offer clients warm paraffin treatments for conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, achy joints, chronic pain which may be amenable to heat, and more.  Paraffin therapy is fast-acting, drug-free, and versatile, providing thermotherapy for many different applications. 
Please note that Paraffin Therapy must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.
Chinese Craniosacral Therapy is a safe, indirect approach to the body’s physical and psychological imbalances.  Practitioners trained in CCT use a subtle blend of Chinese Acupressure Meridian Therapy and psychophysiological Craniosacral Therapy.  In Chinese Craniosacral Therapy, the goal is a self-regulated and self-regulating system of energy wherein the body is guided by the Therapist and taught to harness its own bio-electric immune system or “Inner Intelligence”.  By working on the mind and sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems first, inflammation and blockages are reduced, laying the groundwork for further bodywork and serving as an adjunct to other Energy/Vibrational medicine, whatever the modality.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the body is a holograph!  And so it is with Chinese Craniosacral Therapy.  Problems on the left or right side of the body, are first treated contralaterally (on the opposite side), as are issues on the top or bottom of the body.  CCT is performed based upon the Chinese Acupuncture Meridian System, the location of important Gate Acupressure Points and corresponding channels of energy, and are accessed by the application of Acupressure, rather than with Acupuncture needles. 
Chinese Craniosacral Therapy practitioners use palpatory skills for evaluation and employ gentle therapeutic stretching of the fascia, identify congestion and “sick“ energy that affects the organs and fascia, treat imbalances, and often release the toxicity of viscera through Visceral Manipulation of the internal organs (if opted for by the client).
Some of the conditions which have been successfully addressed by Chinese Craniosacral Therapy include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, inflammatory viral conditions, migraines, tension headaches, emotional imbalances (such as anger, frustration, resentment, anxiety, and nervousness), chronic back pain, cervical (neck) pain, Post-traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD),  depression,  gastrointestinal problems, sinusitis, ADHD/hyperactivity, Autism, and all forms of Arthritis.
The uses of Essential Oils are vast and represent a well-documented model for improving overall health and wellness.

Widespread acceptance of essential oils, both within and without the scientific community, has led many to choose this more natural approach to healing and prevention. dōTERRA® CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils have been recognized as the most therapeutic oils in the world, play a leading role in positive health choices, and is one of the premier choices of EarthTouch Healing Arts - and the only oils used for AromaTouch Technique.
Dr. David K. Hill, Chiropractic Physician, a dynamic leader in the field of Integrative Medicine with special expertise in the use and application of Essential Oils and their extraordinary healing powers, is the developer of the AromaTouch Technique – a clinical approach to the application of Essential Oils.
Most individuals encounter factors in daily life, from both their internal and external environment, that have negative effects on their overall health and wellbeing. These negative disturbances cause an imbalance in homeostasis, the natural balance of body systems and health. Such challenges, even when they do not directly result in disease, cause our bodies to function at a sub-optimal level.
The AromaTouch™ Technique works to restore homeostasis and minimize the impact of these factors.
Four systemic constants that most often impair homeostasis are:
Emotional distress, career choices, family discord, financial worries, lack of rest, etc. all elevate stress levels in the body. Elevated stress levels, maintained over time, have been shown in clinical studies to cause negative consequences to health. Studies have revealed that over time high stress levels can contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease, depression, insomnia, and ulcers.  Stress also negatively impacts the immune system, leaving it increasingly vulnerable to pathogens. Stress causes the body to increase its production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in charge of vital nervous system functions.  Elevated serotonin levels are harmful to the body’s immunity.  While serotonin works to monitor emotional and nerve health at normal levels, at elevated levels it can destroy white blood cells, resulting in a weakened immune system.  Stress also causes increased levels of cortisol and epinephrine in body, further weakening immune response.
Toxic Insult
Immunity depends on the ability of the body to produce effective white blood cells, complementary proteins, and other cell and body barriers.  The immune system comprises a large network of organs and varied cell types, carrying out a range of interrelated functions.  Its interconnectedness leaves it very vulnerable to toxins.  The normal functioning of the immune system can be easily hampered by a number of factors: environmental, dietary, medical interventions, etc.  Exposure to a wide array of toxic insults including disease-causing pathogens, hormone or pesticide contaminated food products, increasing levels of free-radical pollution, and overexposure to radiation all contribute to the weakening of the immune system.
The inflammatory response occurs when body tissues are injured by bacteria, trauma, toxins, heat, or any other causes. The increased consumption of foods with pro-inflammatory components (foods high in polyunsaturated vegetable oils and trans-fats) together with high carbohydrate and low protein consumption contribute to increased inflammation in body tissues.  Stress with its accompanying imbalance of cortisol, can also contribute to chronic uncontrolled inflammation and various immunological dysfunctions.  Studies increasingly show a direct link between chronic illness, inflammation, and fatal disease. Inflammation is also harmful to the body’s autonomic balance because of its pain-inducing effects, including headaches, body aches, sleep distrurbances and more.
Autonomic Imbalance
The opposite of homeostasis, autonomic imbalance, is a disturbance of the autonomic nervous system (also known as the ANS, or Visceral Nervous System) and can negatively impact health in a number of ways.  Recent research, for instance, has shown a direct link between autonomic imbalance and Hypertension (high blood pressure).  There is also evidence that autonomic imbalance can lead to cardiovascular morbidity and even mortality. Autonomic imbalances can result from a number of sources, including the ones mentioned above: stress, decreased immunity, and inflammation.
Restoring homeostasis, or autonomic balance, can reduce the physiological impact of stressors on the body.
While many Essential Oils have been scientifically proven to individually counteract the negative effects of stress, toxic insult, inflammation and autonomic imbalance, both the single dōTERRA® CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® Essential Oils and Essential Oil blends used in the AromaTouch Technique are a unique proprietary system of addressing all of the these negative systemic constants in one calming, soothing, relaxing session.
Aleasha A. Lewis, L.M.T. is a trained and Certified AromaTouch Technique Practitioner.
SPA TREATMENTS (Wraps, Scrubs and Soaks)
In addition to clinical and medical therapeutic and relaxation massage, EarthTouch Healing Arts offers spa treatments for those who wish to be treated to some of the world's most luxurious textures, fragrances and healing benefits offered by Gaia, the Earth Herself.
Whether you wish to have a clay or seaweed wrap with the lush green clays of France or the rich, red clays of magical Sedona, or experience the also-nutrient rich goodness of spirulina-enriched seaweed infused spa mud........or if you choose to indulge in the healing and beauty benefits of a salt or sugar scrub.........EarthTouch Healing Arts has what you need.
From Jamaican Brown Sugar Scrub to Vanilla Salt Scrub - to the decadent and popular heady Chocolate Scrub, which is offered along with a cup of Chocolate Tea to warm your spirit, EarthTouch is the place to go for ultimate relaxation.
EarthTouch also offers a Peppermint Foot Soak and Peppermint-infused Foot Massage as a separate or add-on service.
And Gentlemen? Such decadence is not only for women! You are invited to partake in treating yourself to an hour or two just for you. As always, client information is confidential -- so no need to worry about any good-natured ribbing from your friends - only YOU will know you had a spa treatment! And they won't know what they are missing - until you tell them. :)
And don't forget the women in your lives, Gents. EarthTouch Healing Arts also has Gift Certificates!
PLEASE NOTE:  Aleasha's expertise in Vibrational Medicin (where aforementioned) is separate from her training in Licensed Massage Therapy (though the aspect of body, mind and spirit as One is still ever relevant). Also note that Aleasha cannot and does not offer diagnosis, prognosis, nor medical advice. However, as a Licensed Healthcare Practitioner, Aleasha Lewis, L.M.T. can initiate and receive referrals to and from other licensed somatic, mental healthcare and other health and wellness practitioners of both Western and Eastern traditions.)
Vibrational Medicine, including Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy and other such modalities effecting the biofield of living things, is a branch of Complementary and Alternative Medicine and should not be considered a replacement for traditional medical care, but a complement thereto. Therefore, please continue to seek advice and treatment from the providers of your choice and know that EarthTouch Healing Arts would be pleased to be invited by you to join your health and wellness team, beginning with you!
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