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Massage Therapy
"[I] just want to say that you've truly changed my life, Aleasha.  You, unlike any of the dozens of other past LMTs I've had, have really treated me in a targeted manner, but also as a whole.  Your use of different tactics and your willingness to not "dump me" as a client because I'm a difficult case (I know...) is really uplifting to me, and it was easy to commit to you as my Massage Therapist for long-term care.  Thank you very much!"

"My doctor was surprised at my progress and wants to know what you have been doing!  It's been incredible for me.  My chronic pain levels have absolutely changed ... 'life-changingly' - a great deal due to your ability.  I am young but the majority of my life, I have dealt with a great deal of chronic pain.  But it is so much less a part of my daily concerns now.  You have really been the first person to tackle my musculoskeletal issues.  My pain has truly gone from an 11 (on a scale of 10) to about 3-4.  This is chronic pain I was experiencing!  I look forward to our upcoming sessions. I cannot thank you enough!" 

     -- Yale K., Baltimore, MD

“My neck and shoulders have not felt this loose in a long time.  The amazing powers of massage and my own 'Massage Therapist Extraordinaire'"!

     -- Ruth S., Owings Mills, Maryland
“I feel FANTASTIC!”  Thank you!  If you ever need a reference .... you are DEFINITELY for REAL!  Thank you so much!  I'll be seeing you again in the future without a doubt." 
     -- Gabriel R., Dundalk, Maryland
"My work requires me to be constantly on my feet, both in walking and climbing very tall structures.  The balls of my feet have hurt for a very long time, despite my having been to other Massage Therapists - even those in medical offices.  However, the FIRST time I saw Aleasha - I got immediate relief and the discomfort did not come back for some time!  I know that my job will continually make demands on my body that will push it to its limits.  It is the nature of my work.  THAT is why I continue to see Aleasha on a regular basis to offset what I do daily to cause my body to be in pain and out of balance.  I highly recommend Aleasha and EarthTouch Healing Arts for your physcial, structural and bodywork needs."
     -- X.B., Dundalk, Maryland
“I’d like to add (months later) that I have not been back to see my left my long-time Massage Therapist at my chiropractor’s office, in favor of Aleasha Lewis and EarthTouch Healing Arts.  The therapeutic relief I get from EarthTouch far exceeds what I was receiving in a medical office.  I now come once a month – and plan to do so in between once Aleasha begins to offer her Peppermint Foot Massage session.  I am hard on my feet due to my career and to be able to receive this type of relief in between full-body sessions is just what I need.”
     -- X.B., Dundalk, Maryland
"Thanks for a GREAT session this evening!" 

(Client suffers from Fibromyalgia and had Piriformis Syndrome (sciatic nerve pain.))
     --  D.D., Baltimore, Maryland
Vibrational Medicine 
“I don’t quite know how distance Reiki works, but when I was on a vacation in Chicago and had logged miles walking, my feet and legs became very tired and achy – yet I did not want to miss a moment of my exciting trip.  I immediately phoned Aleasha, she sent distance Reiki and within blocks I was refreshed and felt like new again!  Placebo effect?  Hardly seems likely, as adding more mileage on already tired limbs seems counterintuitive for relief.  But relief I got!  I have had Aleasha send Reiki in many instances since then – for job situations, family circumstances, knee pain from an acute injury AND for longstanding pain in the other knee from an old injury -- and even to my beloved Aunt who had passed, and yes, even to help me find lost objects.  Reiki is the REAL DEAL, always works in the Highest Good, and I plan to myself become attuned to Reiki very soon!”
     -- Joe D., Dundalk, Maryland
“While I came for emergency Massage Therapy after a severely knotted muscle prevented me from even working that day (I perform heavy lifting and driving for a commercial carrier), Aleasha intuitively decided to begin my bodywork session like she often does in a Vibrational Medicine session – by three gentle rings over my body of what she called Tibetan temple bells*, explaining that “According to Albert Einstein, ‘Everything in life is vibration.’”  Well, I don’t know how that works, but I can tell you – and it WAS NOT my imagination – that with each ring of that temple bell I experienced a sense of immediate relaxation, more deeply relaxing with each of the three rings!  I did NOT expect this and am not prone to suggestive thinking, so I know that Aleasha knows what she is doing – and these 3 simple and beautiful tones at the beginning of my Massage Therapy session greatly  added to the monumental healing effect of her skilled hands during manual therapy.  Simply put, when arriving, I was barely able to WALK from just UPPER body muscle tension, and sounding in voice and demeanor like I had gone 20 rounds in a ring with the champ – but I left feeling like I was near fully restored and could attend the Bon Voyage party I was due at later that evening – and I did!  What had painfully incapacitated me that day (Aleasha had also resolved this for me once prior), was more than 80 percent GONE after the session, and FULLY resolved over the next two days – which according to my level of pain and tension, was simply not possible without the work she did to help my body heal itself.  I now know the value of regular bodywork (AND Vibrational Medicine) – especially for those in my line of stressful and demanding work – and I plan to see Aleasha regularly for both Massage Therapy, as well as seeking out her offerings in Vibrational Medicine – regardless of my lack of full understanding of it.  I am so grateful for her expertise, skills, abilities, caring nature AND “intuition”, that I asked that this testimonial in my conversation with her a week later be used, as well as that of the exuberant voicemail I left her the day after the session.  I cannot say enough about Aleasha’s abilities and the experience that is EarthTouch Healing Arts.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I WILL be back soon – and regularly!”
     --  Gabriel R., Dundalk, Maryland
*Tibetan temple bells are called Tingsha and are specially created, tuned and weighted cymbals (often embossed with sacred symbols) connected by a length of natural material.  When gently brought together, Tingsha emit a soothing briefly-sustained sound which is used to clear the vibration in a room and to focus the mind, as they balance the energetic bodies of a space, object and/or living being.  They are often used in meditation and as an aid for relaxation and for reaching higher levels of enlightenment. 
The ringing of Tingsha may also be called toning.  Toning has been evidenced to be extremely therapeutic and can be used to activate healing.  Toning uses sounds for the purpose of release, clearing the mind of worldly matters and allowing the natural flow of energy to move through one’s body or a space.  It is an ancient technique that often relieves mental stress by immediately returning the brainwaves to a state of alpha. Toning is said to create links to our personal and collective identities in order to become our true authentic selves.
(Through tears of joy and gratitude)  "If you ever doubted what you do and your gifts - DON'T!"
          --  Tabatha F., Dundalk, Maryland
"I want to express my deepest thoughts on learning something new, an incredible experience yesterday evening!  I went to EarthTouch Healing Arts [for a Vibrational Medicine session] with the whole purpose of finding out how to better myself.  Well .... if ever if you ever feel the need to find additional clarity ... [regarding] life's problems, then you need to check out EarthTouch Healing Arts!!!!!!  The experience will leave you [understanding] how to enjoy life, love, and prosperity [regardless of your present situation].  I learned so much from this experience. I would like to THANK Aleasha for Reiki [and other Vibrational Medicine]!  It's an awesome experience!!!!  My advice is to check out EarthTouch Healing Arts, and you will think [and feel] more [clearly] about living and about prosperity, about what has already been given you [and what awaits you]!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU Aleasha, you're the BEST!!!!!  Keep up the good work!!!!"
          -- Scott T., Essex, Maryland
"I just need to let everyone know that Aleasha may very well have been my 19-year-old daughter's savior!  And that was only with one visit.  She was very thorough and got to a place in B. that needed to be brought out to shine. B. was in a very bad place in her life, alcohol, prescription drug abuse, depression, the list goes on.  I believe that Aleasha showed B. how to find the best in herself and she has made a complete turn around and has begun to blossom again like the little girl I used to know.  Bottom line ... Aleasha gave me my daughter back and helped B. to realize how important she is to this planet, herself and people around her.  I believe we all have a purpose here on this earth to fulfill and if you aren't sure what that purpose is, or you feel as if you've lost yourself, or the battle you're raging with, please give Aleasha a chance.  She is a brilliant, caring and devoted person and we are truly blessed to have her in our life.  There are no words strong enough to thank her for giving me back my little girl.  Love is as close as I can come.  Keep doing what you're doing, Aleasha, and I believe you are going to bring a lot of peace and happiness to some souls who may have wandered lost and alone for too long here.  You are a blessing!"
          -- Chrissie B., Edgewood, Maryland
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